The Practical Driving Test

To pass the driving test you must be able to drive safely with a bit of confidence. Confidence will be shown by skill, judgement and experience.

You will show this by how you deal with different road and traffic conditions. But also by how you apply The Highway Code during your drive.

Your test will last 38-40 minutes and will include 5 parts:

  1. An Eyesight Check
  2. The ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
    1. Engine
    2. Car Outside
    3. Car Inside
    4. Car on The Move
  1. General driving ability

Smooth, safe and legal. Are you ready?

  1. Reversing your vehicle

You will be asked to do 1 of 4 manoeuvres.

  1. Bay park forwards into a bay
  2. Bay park backwards into a bay
  3. Reverse or parallel park
  4. Pull up on the right hand side and reverse back
  1. Independent driving

This will be either following road signs or directions from a SatNav

You will pass so long as you do not make more than 15 minor driving faults or either one or more serious or dangerous faults. You will be given the result at the end of your test.

You will not be failed for taking a wrong turn so long as you have done it safely.

There are no trick questions or instructions. All the examiner wants you to do is drive safely with a bit of confidence.