Supervising Driver

The role of the supervising driver is an important one for the learner. The same legal responsibilities will apply as they do to the learner you are supervising. In addition you must meet certain other conditions.

supervising driver and driver

You must be over 21 with 3 years driving experience. All the things about being fit to drive apply here. So you cannot get your learner to drive you home from the pub if you have had a belly full of beer. Nor can you answer your mobile when your learner is driving.

If you are putting “L” Plates on the car they should be on the drivers side.

The legal minimum is two. Front and rear. It is important that your car is clearly identified as having a learner driver driving it. Most drivers will give some allowance for that.

It is important that you take your responsibilities seriously. Do not put your learner in a situation they are not ready for. Plan the route you are going to use. An interior stick on mirror on your side of the car will be helpful for you to know what is happening behind you.

A lot of professional driving instructors will move the passenger seat as far back as they can in order to have a better view of both the driver and the road ahead. This gives what is sometimes called a RAMP routine. This being Road Ahead, Mirrors and Pupil. 

At driving-pro we take pupils practice outside the lessons very seriously. We are very happy to talk to friends and family of our learners. If your learner is having lessons with an instructor ask.