Correct use of the steering wheel is dependant on proper seating position. The right seating position will make you safe. This allows everything to work properly. The seat,the seat belt and airbags. But most of all the steering wheel itself.

The correct way to hold the steering wheel is:

With your hands at: 10 to 2 or at ¼ to 3, with your thumbs along the rim of the wheel. Do this with a light grip. Keep your wrists straight and your elbows slightly crooked.

By holding your hands high on the steering wheel. You are braced to the top half of the wheel in the event of an unexpected collision. Your hands are in the correct position for push-pull steering. It is easier to do an emergency swerve if you have to.

Thumbs along the rim of the wheel and a light grip, will help you get a feel for how your vehicle responds. If the wheel kicks for any reason you will not have your thumbs damaged by the spokes. In the event of a collision your hands followed by your arms will go to the outside of the wheel. If they go inside the wheel you are more likely to have your arms broken.

Your wrists should be straight. In the event of a collision your wrists will not be damaged.

Your elbows should be slightly crooked. This is so your arms will in effect become shock absorbers in the event of a collision.

Holding it like this will look good and professional.