Refresher and UK Driver Training

Refresher Training

We will help you to become safe and confident on the road again. It doesn’t matter if it’s been one month or 10 years since you were behind the wheel.

Sometimes it’s a case of regaining confidence after an accident. We can help by addressing what you could have done (if anything) to avoid it.

A lot of our refresher clients hold licences from overseas which they have been able to swap for a UK licence. All they want is to be able to get used to driving on UK roads in a controlled environment.

Everyone is different and we will try to tailor your refresher driver training to match your needs.

  • We can start you in a car park or on a quiet road.
  • If there’s a particular skill that you’d like to work on, we will do that.
  • The car can be marked as a learner car or not, depending on your preference.
  • Everything you do with us will be confidential – your privacy will be respected. Check out our Code of Conduct.


Motorway driving
Part of our refresher training can be motorway driving. For many people, it is sometimes the only thing that they need from us. A Driving-Pro claim to fame is we were the first in the local area, if not the country, to take a learner on the motorway. We are lucky in Portsmouth that the way the motorways are laid out here, you can have lots of practice joining, leaving and changing lanes.
Driving in the UK:

Driving in the UK can be very different to other countries. Firstly, we drive on the left which can take a bit of getting used to. Then there are roundabouts, lots of them! Because we are a small island the traffic can be quite dense. We will work with you to build your confidence. We will work with you to make sure you are confident and safe.

Whatever your driving problem we are here to help solve it. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, we will be happy to work with you to make you safe and confident.

Advanced Driving:

If you’re after advanced driver training with one of our advanced driving instructors, we cover IAM, RoSPA, DIAMOND tests.

IAM and RoSPA will have local groups that you can join. They will provide advice and training.

ADI Part 2:

If you are looking for a bit of extra help we have experienced instructor trainers under the direction of Glen Robbins.

The Part 2 will be 1 hour in length and be a bit more of a demanding test than the ordinary driving test.

Check out our section Driver Instructor Trainingfor more information.

In the local Portsmouth area you will have a choice of 3 driving test centres:

  • Southampton (Maybush)
  • Chichester
  • Winchester

Our Driving Courses

We are proud to offer individually personalised driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers

Our qualified, professional instructors want to get you driving in a relaxed and positive atmosphere where you will enjoy learning to drive properly.


Learner Driver Courses

Our friendly and experienced driving instructors will guide you through all of the stages of passing your driving test.

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Refresher Driver Training

Want motorway experience or never driven in the UK? We will help you to become safe and confident on the road again.

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Taxi Training

You are much more likely to pass your taxi test if you have some training beforehand. We know what the examiner is looking for.

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Had refresher lessons with Liam after having not driven in 3 years . He had a lot of experience, good communication skills and instructions. Definitely feel alot more comfortable after the sessions and would recommend the driving school to anyone else


Liam was absolutely fantastic! I did a refresher course with him after not driving for over 10 years & he made me feel at ease. Very professional & experienced. Very patient & calming. Cleaned the car out before & after I got behind the wheel. Got me where I wanted to be quickly. Strongly recommend booking here 😁 xxx


I took a few refresher driving lessons as I haven’t been driving for over 4 years. Within a week I went from being scared to drive in the car park to driving on the motorway and all different types of the most uncomfortable roads. Liam is a great instructor, very patient, helpful and definitely pays a lot of attention to safety. This time I was taught how to drive, not only how to pass the exam.

Anna Sliwowska