This is the part of the test that instructors refer to as Show Me Tell Me. The first question is Tell Me and this is done as you walk to the car. The Show Me is done on the move during the test.

How well you can do this at the beginning of your test will help set the tone of your test. Make sure you can open your bonnet with ease. This means knowing where the release catches are and being able to use them. Also make sure you can safely shut the bonnet.

You can not directly fail for getting a Tell Me question wrong. But you could fail by an accumulation of driving faults. You are allowed a total of 15 minor faults but getting the 16th will result in test failure. You can fail for getting a Show Me wrong. 


The bottom line with these is they are easy to get right so make sure you can do them. If you refer to our blog you will find these questions covered in detail: