During the course of your test the examiner will ask you to pull over and stop a number of times. They are looking to see that you can pull over safely. If you find you have mounted the kerb move off it safely. Depending on the circumstances you will not have failed so long as you move off the kerb.

Lady checking blind spot

Having pulled over make sure you move away safely. Get into the habit of showing the person in the passenger seat your ear that is nearest your door. This will mean that you have definitely checked your blind spot. Do that before you move as this is where the most danger is.

You will be required to move off at an angle and on a hill, either up or down.

If you are in the middle of the road check both sides. This might be after an emergency stop. Make smooth balanced use of the controls as you move away.

Use your driving routines. Mirrors-Signal-Manoeuvre ( MSM). The manoeuvre being made up of Position-Speed-Look (PSL). Make sure you look before you signal. Then act on what you see.