Part of your driving test will require you to drive independently. This will be for approximately 20 minutes. The examiner will use 2 methods.

Sat nav:

Satnav sign lorries

This will be used on 4 out of 5 tests. All the routes are pre programmed. The examiner will be using a Tom Tom 52. You will know you are going to be following sat nav if the examiner come out holding a small bag which will contain the equipment. Any doubt about the directions given by the sat nav and the examiner will verbally assist.

Follow the signs for:

Following road sign

If the examiner has come out and he is not carrying the sat nav bag you will be asked to follow the signs for. It might be a road number like the A3 or it could be a place name like Portsmouth.

If you are not sure where you are going you can ask the examiner to explain again. If you are an overseas candidate it will pay to familiarise yourself with the place names within a 20 minute radius of the test center. Some place names that might be familiar to a local could be confusing in a different language and writing.