Your knowledge of the legal responsibilities is mainly covered on the theory test.

For your practical driving test you will have to show your driving licence to the driving examiner. No licence, no test. Make sure that you have it ready at least the night before. A least a week before would be better and then put it somewhere safe.

Driving icence & Your legal ResponsibilitiesIt can take a week for a replacement to come through. So make sure you have got it and it is safe. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary stress either the night before or worse still on the day of your test.

Have your theory test pass as well. It is rarely checked but can be checked and if you do not have it there could be a problem.

The examiner will check your licence. They will compare your photographs and signature on the license to what they see in front of them. They will then shine a small ultraviolet light on it to ensure that it’s genuine.

Legal Responsibilities Whilst Driving

You will be asked to lead the way to your vehicle. They will ask you to identify which car is your and then ask you to read a number plate on another vehicle. You will be allowed 3 attempts, the third attempt will be measured using a tape measure.

If you need glasses to read the number plate you will be expected to wear them during the test and will not be able to take them off for the duration of the test.

A 01 code will be recorded on your license and if you are ever stopped by the police you could face an on the spot fine of £100. But more likely will have to attend court where you could be fined up to £1000 or 50% of your weekly salary.

Remember the examiner will be spending time watching your eyes to see where you are looking. They will be aware of the signs of contact lenses.