General Driving Knowledge

When we learn to drive…we learn to drive. We don’t necessarily learn about our car and how to keep it in tip-top shape. At driving-pro we try to arm our students with as much knowledge as possible but we understand it can be hard to remember everything, that’s why we’ve written it all down for you! Our Driving Hacks blog posts aims to help turn you from a good driver to a great driver. 

Did you know that most car controls are standard all over the world. Accelerator, Brake, Clutch and Steering:

  • If you know how to operate the hand brake, lights, washer wipers and how to de mist the windows, you’re most probably set
  • The position of controls will change
  • Sometimes the type of control will change, manual to electronic
  • We always advise having a play around before driving in a new car just in case
  • Don’t forget to read your handbook
  • It’s the best way to get to know your car

car interior

If you regularly drive different cars make sure you do a proper cockpit drill:

  • This will mean checking to make sure everything is working properly
  • This is a particularly good idea if you’re renting a car on your holidays

Also, make sure you know which side the fuel goes in. This can save some trouble at a filling station:

  • And make sure you know what fuel to put in
  • If the cars you drive vary between diesel and petrol put a sticker in the filling cap
  • Green for petrol and black for diesel
  • This will be the same colour as the fuel hose
  • If you’re hiring a car and you’re not sure what fuel to put in, ask! 

When you’re carrying out any checks, make sure you do them safely:

  • No scarfs or ties that can get caught
  • No smoking and no mobiles near the engine
  • Petrol fumes can go bang
  • Mobiles can give a spark that can lit petrol fumes
  • That’s why you’re not allowed to do either in a petrol station. 

Whilst doing your safety checks under the bonnet:

  • Look out for loose pipes and wires
  • Watch for battery corrosion and oil spots
  • In fact, anything that is out of place, get it looked at straight away

And last but not least, keep your car tidy on the inside and clean and shiny outside:

  • Tidy on the inside will mean nothing gets trapped under the pedals
  • Clean and shiny on the outside will reflect light from other cars and will help to make you safer
  • See and be seen

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