Driving Test Routine

Having agreed with your pupil they are ready (see Ready For Test ) this deals with test preparation and routine.

Test areas:

  • Test lasts 38-40 minutes.
  • From any test centre you are 20 minutes in any direction for a driving test.
  • This means an awful lot of ground can be covered.
  • The Portsmouth test centre as an example there were 18 routes giving the examiner each route roughly twice a week. 
  • It is not possible or desirable to go over all the routes.
  • Even if someone learnt a route, a change in road marking or road works will change how it should be dealt with.
  • Learning it parrot fashion will lead to being caught out.
  • Rather than learning a route learn to deal with a situation.
  • It is however prudent to go over certain hot spots.

In dealing with your test bookings:

  • Tests will have priority over lessons.
  • First come first served.
  • Make sure the pupil texts time and place to you and you accurately book into your diary and save the text just in case. 
  • Make sure they still have their licence.
  • Check again the week before.

The Day of The Test:

  • We normally book out at least 2 hours.
  • One hour before and an hour for the test and drive home after.
  • This will be more if the test centre is farther away.
  • Be early for the pupil. They will be stressed.
  • Check their licence before anything.
  • Get the money while they are putting their hand in their pocket or purse.
  • Find out how much driving the pupils want’s before the test.
    • Some only want a light warm up 15-20 minutes.
    • Other as much as possible.
  • Do they smoke and will they want time for a cigarette.
  • Will they want water or gum.
  • Be in the general test centre area 20 minutes before the test.
  • Be at the test centre about 10 minutes before.
  • Lateness = stress

Your Pupil:

  • Make sure they are in comfortable loose fitting clothes.
  • A tight collar leads to overheating.
  • Sensible shoes.
  • Find out if they want you to come on the test.
  • Some want a friendly face in the back, others do not want an extra pair of eyes.
  • Leave the choice to them and they don’t have to decide till the DE asks.

At the centre test:

  • Having arrived early you may well have to queue.
  • Let the people already out on test come back in without having to go round you.
  • At Portsmouth there is a queuing lane. Wait your turn.
  • Ask if the pupil wants to park or wants you to do it.
  • If time is getting tight do it for them anyway.
  • Tell them where the toilets are.
  • Go to the waiting room and tell really bad jokes, that’s what I do anyway.

After test:

  • If you did not accompany your pupil, when they are coming back into the test centre do not go over and stare. 
  • They are still on test and will feel under pressure.
  • When you see the examiner writing on his clipboard you know the test is over and you can go over if the pupil is agreeable.
  • The examiner will be very helpful to you if you treat them with a little respect.
  • It can be a good time to ask questions and gain knowledge.
  • You are to drive the pupil home regardless of the result.