Driving Licence

Driving Licence 4


A driving licence is an official permission to drive a vehicle. You will need this to drive anything with an engine. So to ride a bicycle or ride a horse training is a very good idea. But you do not need a licence.

Because you are driving or riding a lump of metal at speed which can do some damage. It is a legal requirement to have insurance. Without insurance even a relatively small accident could mean financial ruin. Say for instant you crash your Rolls Royce into a bus full of personal injury lawyers. If it’s your fault they will all sue you and wouldn’t show any mercy either.

Different sorts of vehicles will require different licences. For instance to drive a bus will need a different sort of licence than for a lorry.

Depending on your sort of licence you will have to meet certain criteria. This would normally be:


  • Age: For a car 17 but 24 for a bus.
  • Health: For a car just be able to drive it, but a bus a medical.
  • Eyesight: For a car 20 meters but a bus much further.
  • Ability: To be able to pass a test for a vehicle of that sort.


Restrictions can be placed on the licence and in the UK will be shown by the Licence Codes. This can show different things. For example an 101 code means you must not drive that sort of vehicle for hire and reward. If you are stopped by the police and they check your licence and you are clearly working as a minibus driver you are in trouble.

Countries that have agreed common standards of testing and driving will be able to swop licences with each other. You will need to check which countries allow swops. Your driving licence if it is a photographic one can also be used as an identity document.

Driving licences can also be used as identity documents.

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