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How To Become a Driving Instructor

As with all good things this will take time, money and effort. At Driving-Pro we have an experience training team under the guidance of Glen Robbins.

We offer full support which will include regular monthly breakfast meetings and a closed Instructor Facebook group. These are where problems can be shared, information exchanged, questioned asked and just a chance to meet your colleagues.

Once you have qualified if you want more training we will make that happen for you. We want you to be the best instructor you can be.

Your training will be tailored to suit your needs and abilities and will get you to where you want to be. This training is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, so there are no large fees to pay up front.

To be eligible to train as an instructor, you must:

  • Be over 21
  • Have held a full car licence for at least 3 years
  • Not been disqualified in the last 4 years

Your application may be refused if you have:

  • Been banned from driving
  • Have 5 or more penalty points
  • Been convicted of a non-motoring offence

Your application will probably be refused if you have been:

  • Convicted of a sexual, violent, financial or drug-related crime
  • Banned from working with children
The DBS stands for disclosure and barring service. This is your first step to becoming a driving instructor. Currently this will cost you £8.22. Even if you already have one for your current role, they will want you to have a new one.

As driving instructors this is something that we have to do every 4 years when we renew our licenses. The DBS has to be done within 6 months of a license application or renewal. We also have an obligation to inform The Registrar of any changes to our situation that may affect our fitness to remain on the register.

Click here to: Start my DBS Check

Start The Application (PRN):
This is the start of your process of becoming a driving instructor. You will be applying for what is called your PRN. This is your Personal Reference Number and will follow through out your career as a driving instructor.

What happens here is that they (The DVSA) are checking that you are a fit and proper person to go on The Register of Approved Driving Instructors. If you are accepted here, so long as there is no change in your circumstances and you pass your exams you can become a ADI.

Once you have your DBS number, you will need your driving license number, details of any motoring offences and details of any court cases being brought against you.

When you have these click here to: Start to Become a Driving Instructor

How to Choose a Training Establishment:
There are a number of things to consider here.

  • Quality of training
  • Location and availability of training
  • Cost of training
  • Contract

Looking at these in the order given above.


  • Who is actually giving you the training and how is it done
  • Do you get on with the person delivering the training
  • If not could you get another trainer
  • What support will your trainer have to deliver your training
  • Will it be one to one
  • Number of in car hours
  • Legal minimum is 15 (10+5) for the Part 3
  • Driving-Pro offer nearly 50 for the Part 3
  • If not how many others will you be sharing with
  • If you are sharing will that be reflected in the price

Part 1.

  • How will that be done
  • Will you be given a pile of books and or access to an app and told to get on with it
  • If there is something you do not understand who do you go to

Part 2.

  • Where and when
  • Can you commit to making the necessary practice
  • What happens if you need more

Part 3.

  • How will this be done
  • The current regulations say for the 40 hours to get your Trainee License, only 10 have to be done one to one
  • Fine if you can learn a practical skill sitting in the classroom
  • But if you are like the rest of us and need to practice a skill to learn it properly you will want a lot more than 10 hours

Location and Availability:

  • Where and when are your questions here.
  • What happens if you need extra.


  • How much
  • Do you have to pay it all upfront
  • What is the refund policy if you can not continue
  • Can you pay as you go
  • What about the legal costs
  • Exams have to be paid for, have you allowed for that


  • Will you have to sign a contract
  • Are you getting cheap training in order to pay a expensive franchise fee for the next 3 years
  • Are you committing to working every evening and weekend or can you do the hours you want
  • How far will they expect you to travel for work
  • What if you want to terminate it
  • What if they want to terminate it
Driving-Pro Training Package 1:

Pay As You Go


  • Spreads the cost
  • Bespoke

Suitable for:

  • Trainee with sponsor already sorted
  • Ex-ADI going straight to Part 3
  • Experienced driver trainer moving roles
Driving-Pro Training Package 2:

Pay As You Go Parts 1 & 2.

Driving-Pro cover costs for Part 3 in return for you working with us.


  • Spreads the initial cost
  • Bespoke with regards to Part 2
  • Tax efficient
  • Comprehensive support

Suitable for:

  • Someone who has recently passed an advanced driving test
  • Trainee who needs a sponsor (legal requirement)
  • Someone who wants to spread the cost
  • Those new to driving instruction who values professional support
Driving-Pro Training Package 3:

Parts 1 & 2 for a fixed price of £600

Driving-Pro cover costs for Part 3 in return for you working with us.


  • A one off initial cost
  • £600 back at the end of year 2
  • Tax efficient
  • Comprehensive support

Suitable for:

  • Trainee who needs a sponsor
  • Someone who wants to spread the cost
  • Those new to driving instruction who value professional support
Legal Costs:
There are legal and exam costs which have to be paid for by the person wishing to become a driving instructor.

These are unavoidable and must be paid for separately to any other training costs.

DBS: £8.22

Part 1 Exam: £81

Part 2 Exam: £111

Trainee (PDI) Licence: £140

Part 3 Exam: £111

Full Licence (ADI) Licence: £300

For full details of what’s involved at each stage see the other sections in this part.

Part 1:
The Part 1 is the theory side of things. The way the qualification process is set up is to remind the trainee instructor of what their learners will have to go through. You will be doing pretty much the same as your learner but with some important additions and to a higher standard. Your learner will only have 50 questions to answer, but you will have 100.

Time spent here doing the background reading will be time well spent. At Driving-Pro we use the Phil Hurst course along with Theory Test Pro. In addition a trainer will be there to guide you through.

The driving test has neither the time or the facilities to test all of the national syllabus of learning to drive. So what the theory test does is to try to ensure that you have the knowledge that covers it all.

You can have as many attempts as you like to pass this exam. But bear in mind you will be paying for the privilege of sitting it each time. Our advice to you is do the mock tests and make sure you pass this first time. As a Driving-Pro trainee you will be given the support to do this.

You will be immediately told after the test if you have passed or failed this. You need a minimum of 85% on the questions and 57 out of 75 on the hazard perception.

Your pass certificate will last 2 years from the date that you passed. You must qualify as a ADI in this time or have to repeat the process.

Click here to: Book my ADI Part 1 Test

  • Cost is £81
  • You have unlimited attempts

Part 2:
The Part 2 test is very similar to an ordinary driving test but done to a much higher standard.

  • You will have to read a number plate at 26.5 meters rather than the 20.5 for the ordinary test
  • There will be 5 “Show Me Tell Me” as opposed to the 2 on the learner test
  • Your driving will be to a much higher standard and where possible will include some motorway which is not tested on the normal test
  • You will have 2 reversing manoeuvres rather than the 1 for the learner test
  • The independent drive will be the same
  • An ordinary driving test is between 38-40 minutes your Part 2 will be about 1 hour in length

Same as with the learner test any serious or dangerous fault will result in a fail. You will only be allowed 6 minor faults on your Part 2, but a learner is allowed 15 over a shorter time frame.

If all this seems a tall order remember that we are experts at getting people through the Part 2. We do this with our practical driver training package, consisting of five modules of two hours each and a lot of hard work and effort on your part.

It’s very important that you practice what you have been learning with the trainer. Your driving needs to be second nature and of the right standard.

You can at this point either go straight for a ADI Part 3 Test or a trainee instructor license. It is highly unlikely that a person with no previous experience would be able to take and pass a Part 3 without any experience of training pupils.

Because of this people always go for the trainee license. Historically people have gone straight to the Part 3 and passed. But the method of assessment has changed now and requires a real pupil. Previously the examiner would have conducted the test using role play..

Click here to: Book my ADI Part 2 Test

  • The cost will be £111
  • Maximum of 3 attempts


Trainee License:
Having passed your Part 2 you are now eligible to apply for a 6 month trainee license in order to get experience of teaching pupils. Before you can do this you must complete at least 40 hours training of which at least 10 hours must be done in car. Your trainer will be recording this on a form known as the ADI 21T.

At Driving-Pro we do at least 28 hours one to one in the car with homework on top.  Most of our trainees find this a very intense but a rewarding process which sets them up nicely for working with real pupils. You are advised to check how much in car training  is included in your course and if it is one to one.

Apply for Apply for Trainee Licence


Teaching Practice:
Once you apply for and receive your trainee license you have 6 months and 3 attempts to pass your Part 3. This allows you to gain experience but also to charge for lessons  to cover the costs of your vehicle and insurance.

You will need some sort of sponsor as your next part of your training needs to be over seen. The conditions of the license are that you can not advertise yourself as an instructor. It also means that you can not set up on your own.

You are allowed to change schools but you must notify The DVSA and you will be given a new license. No fee will be charged and you can still give lessons while you wait for the new license.

You have 2 choices here.

  • Additional Training
  • Supervision

Your choice of which will be decided by your circumstances. If you only intend to work part time leading up to taking and passing The Part 3, supervision may well be your best option. However if you intend to work full time as a driving instructor on a trainee license the Additional Training option is probably best. Once you have chosen you can not change your mind.

Additional Training:

This is the preferred option as it gives you the practice of working with the pupils and hence the experience. You will be required to take at least 20 more hours of additional training of which 25% must be in car.  This training must be completed with the first 3 months (13 weeks). Your trainer will be using the following form ADI 21 AT. 

Driving-Pro trainees will always get a full 20 hours in car training.


This option could work if you were only doing a small amount of work part time. Its down side is not enough practice with actual pupils. Another problem is if your hours are going up you need to find a trainer who has the time to sit in the back with you. The form your trainer will use for this is ADI 21 S


Part 3:
This is the final part of the qualifying process to become an ADI. Currently you will need to book this as soon as you have passed your Part 2. Discuss with your trainer what is required and sort out a pupil. It would be very prudent to also have a reserve pupil in case your main one is unable to attend.

Your pupil can be a:

  • Part trained learner
  • Fully trained learner
  • Full licence holder

Your pupil cannot be a

  • Complete beginner
  • ADI
  • PDI

You will be marked in 3 areas:

  • Lesson planning
  • Risk management
  • Teaching and learning strategies

The lesson will last about 45 minutes. The pupil should be driving for at 40 minutes of that. At the start of the lesson about 3 minutes discussing goals and risk management. then at the end about 3 minutes getting your pupil to reflect on what they have done.

Click here to: Book my ADI Part 3 Test

  • Cost £111
  • A total of 3 attempts

Failing Part 3:
If this was your first attempt you will be allowed another 2 attempts at trying to pass. You will have to pay for a new test each time you take it.

If when you applied for your trainee license you choose Additional Training you will have to do at least 5 more hours in car training before you retake the test. If you chose supervision, that must continue. You must pass the Part 3 within 2 years of your passing of the Part 1.

Passing Part 3:
Congratulations! You are now one of us and can apply for your full ADI badge. When you have your badge you will then be allowed to take learners on the Motorway in a dual controlled car.

Follow this link ADI Badge:

  • Cost £300
  • Renewed every 4 years

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We are proud of our team of male and female professional driving instructors. When you choose a Driving-Pro instructor you’re getting the very best — we’re driven to help you to learn!

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“I passed today with Gav! Honestly the best driving instructor and couldn’t recommend anyone else, he is absolutely amazing and such a genuine person and I honestly can’t thank you enough! even when I made stupid mistakes you still made me feel like everything was okay, gonna be weird not having you beside me in the car , thankyouuuu!!!”

Jade Newell

“Had an absolutely amazing experience with glen he was so patient with me and gave me so much confidence in my self and my driving. He was so fun but very professional. I will miss our lessons thank you for believing in me.”

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“I passed my driving test first time with Nigel, he is a great guy who cares about his students, he was early for every single lesson and has a huge amount of driving experience to draw upon.”

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