Driving Faults

The examiner will be sat looking and seeing the same things as the candidate. He will be mentally comparing what should be done with what is actually done. The examiner is not allowed to trick or trap you. But he must mark how you deal with whatever happens on the test.

Faults will be classed as:

  • Not worthy – this means it is not recorded at all
  • Minor – a mark in the left hand box
  • Serious – a mark in the first of the two small boxes
  • Dangerous – a mark in the second of the two small boxes

Caught by surprise

This is decided by the effect they have on other drivers or sometimes the seriousness of the fault. Quite often this is a matter of interpretation. But just like your partner indoors the examiner is always right. For example if you the wrong way round a roundabout that is empty. You will have had no effect on other traffic. But it’s dangerous.

Where on ‘The Test Marking Form’ the fault is marked is decided by the cause of the fault. Some faults will always be marked a certain way. Kerb it while parking and it is always a steering fault. Other faults will be recorded according to what the examiner views as the cause of the fault. This can be one of the many skills of an examiner.