Different ways of looking at the driving test.

Aside from the actual passing of The Driving Test what other ways can we look at it.

From Societies point of view?


Passing your driving test is a rights of passage from which you receive your freedom. In this case that of the open road. Even The Queen has learnt to drive and has a Driving Licence. The fact she doesn’t need to drive, as she has 8 chauffeurs from the Royal Household to call on is neither here nor there. She has still learnt and learning to driving is one of the things that binds us together as a people. A common experience that is shared by all.

From Governments point of view?

Government Whitehall

The DVSA who are the people who run the The Driving Tests and they want you to be consistently safe with a bit of confidence in your driving. As we are all equal in the eyes of the law, all driving tests are as far as possible are similar. Obviously we can’t all do the same test route with the same examiner but all tests will be to the same standard over similar routes. Back to that common experience shared by all.

The Examiners point of view?

driving examiner

These are the people who conduct The Driving Test. What might they be thinking? Their job is to see that you are consistently safe with a bit of confidence in your driving. But how? Questions I think a examiner might ask themselves of a pupil are: would I want them driving my car or would I want them driving near my car? But above all is the pupil safe.

From The Pupils point of view?

Happy young man

The Driving Test is easy, it the examiner that makes it difficult. It is a pressure test. The presence of the examiner is the pressure. The way to cope with the pressure is by being consistently safe with a bit of confidence in your driving. If you would be happy for your instructor to come out on your test, you are probably able to cope with the pressure of the test.

From The Instructors point of view?

Driving instructor and pupil

The bitter sweet moment when your pupil passes. You have grown to know and love them, and then they leave you! The knot in your instructors stomach becomes a feeling of joy when they pass. If your instructor has come out on test with you, the longer the test has gone on, the more nervous they are in case The Pupil cocks it up at the last moment. But so long as you drive consistently safe with a bit of confidence in your driving you should pass.