Cars, Obstructions, People and Signs:

What should you be doing before your journey.

As you’re learning to drive you’ll pick up handy hints like this. Just don’t forget them when you pass your driving test!

Cars obstructions people signs


 Your car:

  • Follow your ABCs; Always Be Checking, start from the bottom and work upwards
  • What clearances do I have when I move off


Other cars:

  • Check, is it busy or quiet
  • Where are the cars coming from
  • How much room do I have to pull out

Traffic island obstruction



  • What’s in my way as I drive off



  • What can I see
  • What can’t I see

Blind man crossing road

3. People

Who’s about and where are they

  • Are they old, are they young
  • What are they doing
  • Are they aware of me
  • How will they affect me

Children crossing school sign

4. Signs

  • Where are the road signs
  • What are the road signs telling me
  • How will they affect me
  • How will they affect others around me


Why is it important to think about these things when driving? Because as many times as you make a journey, it will never be the same as it was yesterday. Animals, cars, people, changes in road signs, other cars… it’s SO important to be aware that things around you are constantly changing and YOU as a driver need to adapt to them.