Expected outcome / competence

Ability to control the vehicle accurately when parking on the road or into a parking bay. Effective all round observation throughout the manoeuvre showing consideration to other road users.

Car park outside bay

Assessment criteria (example = control)

Driving fault:

  • Re-positioning required to correct a loss of control or accuracy

Serious fault:

  • Excessive re-positioning to correct complete misjudgement and /or significant loss of control
  • Final parking position parking – outside the bay

Dangerous fault:

  • Any situation brought about by the above loss of control that resulted in actual danger to the examiner, candidate, the general public or property

Other faults:


  • poor coordination of controls
  • scrubbing/brushing the kerb
  • unnecessary shunting backwards and forwards
  • getting too close to the object car
  • mounting the pavement
  • turning the steering wheel the wrong way
  • parking too far from the kerb
  • stalling
  • not completing within two car lengths
  • finishing at an acute angle to the kerb

Car Park:

  • poor coordination of controls
  • ending up straddling two bays
  • unnecessary shunting forwards and backwards
  • turning the steering wheel the wrong way
  • stalling


  • no blind spot checks
  • relying too much or entirely on the mirrors
  • ineffective observation
  • looking but not reacting to other vehicles or pedestrians
  • waiting too long for other users in the car park.

The above is taken from The Driving Examiners Manual.


Where appropriate it has been reformatted and edited so it only refers to the driving of ordinary cars (class b).