Assessment criteria: Anticipation and planning

Assessment criteria: Anticipation and planning

Expected outcome / competence

Display an awareness and consideration for other road users at all times.

Ability to think and plan ahead, judging what other road users are going to do, predicting how their actions will affect the vehicle, and react in good time.

Ability to consider the actions of the more vulnerable groups of road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders.

Anticipating road and traffic conditions, acting in good time, rather than reacting to them at the last moment.

Assessment criteria (example)

Driving fault:

  • Late reaction to what other road users are doing

Serious fault:

  • Last minute and sudden reaction to other road users compromising their safety

Dangerous fault:

  • Any situation brought about by the above fault that resulted in actual danger to the examiner, candidate, and the general public or property.

The above is taken from The Driving Examiners Manual.

Where appropriate it has been reformatted and edited so it only refers to the driving of ordinary cars (class b).