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  • Blue Lamp and Diamond taxi tests covered
  • Tariff is £30 per hour
  • Mock tests conducted
  • Insurance maybe required

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4 considerations 1

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that might make you change speed or direction and sometimes both.


When dealing with any hazard whilst learning you should use a routine such as Mirror, Signal, Maneuver or MSM.

  1. Check your mirrors (all of them)
  2. Signal (use your indicators)
  3. Maneuver


Remember: In reality, sometimes the only signal given by some people is speed and position.


Maneuver, this is doing what you need to do and where the below 4 considerations come in.



This is the most important factor. Remember it’s not just your safety but the safety of the people around you. So think about the 3 Zones of Safety.



If it’s illegal, it’s dangerous. Are you aware of the signs and lines around you? Do you know what they mean? Do you have reasonable knowledge of The Highway Code?



It must be practicable or why bother? How many times have you seen someone trying to get into a parking space that’s to small?



Other drivers and people need to be considered, you don’t own the road. Doing a three point turn on a busy road might be quicker for you, but what about everyone else?


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