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  • Blue Lamp and Diamond taxi tests covered
  • Tariff is £30 per hour
  • Mock tests conducted
  • Insurance maybe required

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  • "Gives you real confidence"
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  • "Helped me pass first time"

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Have you ever thought about why cars are designed the way they are? Well, we’ve got some answers for you.

We are all a bit different from each other and the modern car will allow for that. What the car designers are looking for is a geometric balance. This will allow as many people as possible to be able to use their vehicles. How we are and the shape of our bodies not only shapes the car but how we drive.


The first thing manufacturers will start with is the eye datum line, which is where you look. From the driver's seat, we need a good view of the road ahead as well as the instrument panel. Having established that we can see enough to maintain safety and legality we now need free and easy access to the controls. This should be done in such a way to minimise tiredness. We now move into the territory of the cockpit drill. As driving instructors, we are aware of the effect bad position will have on our pupils and their ability to drive safely. and the first thing we want from our pupils is to be able to adjust your car properly. It is not enough to make the car just for the average person. Manufacturers want as many people as possible to be able to drive it.


Stay tuned for more on how our bodies shaped driving.


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